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Credit Card Payment Deferrals in Covid-19

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Credit Card Payment Deferrals can benefit Canadians struggling to keep up with debt. But although benefits like easy access to goods and services not to mention the lure of reward points make credit cards convenient and attractive, the list of advantages is quite short nowadays.

The coronavirus has been making it difficult to pay credit cards. Many Canadians are reeling from layoffs. Many businesses had to shut their doors. That means millions of people losing their income.

With incomes slashed, Canadians are going through financial hardship. They don’t have the money in their bank accounts to pay off their credit card bills.

People don’t even have the money to make their mortgage payments or other loan payments. They need financial assistance.

Credit cards usually need to be paid off by their due date every month. They also have minimum monthly payment amount requirements. Credit cards also charge a high-interest rate for outstanding balances.

Luckily, credit card issuers are offering some help. They are doing this by allowing credit cardholders to defer their credit card payments.

Here are some credit card companies that are offering credit card payment deferral due to the coronavirus.

“Jennie was amazing! She took care of all my concerns and questions right off the bat, And made the whole process smooth and easy for me to understand! This has been a stressful time the last year and Jennie was extremely compassionate and helpful. I definitely would recommend their services for financial advice.”

-Lydia Miller

“This was by far the most amazing experience I have ever had to go through Dawn made my what seemed to be impossible situation so smooth and comfortable that all my anxiety leading up to this caused go completely away she went above and beyond to help me navigate through everything even helped me find other sources to help me in other areas. I wouldn’t be in the place I am today with out the expertise patience friendly service from Dawn I recommend everyone to reach out and make the call they make it not scary at all !!!!!!!! Great job Dawn!!!!”

-Candice Pena Mesa

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