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COVID-19 Mortgage Deferral


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If you are struggling with finances right now, a COVID-19 mortgage deferral plan may play a critical role in keeping your family afloat. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a lot of financial distress for Canadians. Many businesses had to shut their doors and many workers have lost their jobs.

That means there is a lot less money coming in to pay the bills, including mortgages. But mortgages still have to be paid, so the question is how do you pay your mortgage if your income has been cut down?

To help people in need, a mortgage deferral may be done. This can help cut down on bill payments to help Canadians who are having trouble keeping up with their home loan payments.

The Big Six banks in Canada are allowing mortgage payment deferrals to clients who have seen their incomes interrupted. Many smaller lenders are also offering mortgage deferrals.

“It took no time to do what they needed to do and Dawn Brooks explained everything I needed to know and didn’t put any pressure to follow through with the Client Especially through the pandemic…”

-jarod jones

“Jennie was amazing and so helpful! She took the stress away of the whole process. She answered all my questions and took care of my concerns and was always available by text/phone or email. She checked in with me a lot and this made me feel extremely comfortable with the process. So much stress relieved, it is much appreciated.”

-lydia obersat-rose

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