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We Help Homeowners Every Single Day

We care and it shows in our reviews

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Home Equity Loans in Alberta and Ontario

Alberta and Ontario Residents use National Debt Relief to prevent selling their homes to pay off bad debt, pay off high-interest rates, GET EXTRA CASH, do home renovations, pay for a vacation or a big celebration, and live a better life debt-free. And it is possible for you too!

Access the equity in your home and clear high-interest debt! We are your best option. The entire process is EASY, SIMPLE, AND FAST.

Lock in a FAVORABLE rate right now! We do the hard work for you – while you relax and sit tight in the comfort of your home! Don’t miss this opportunity, take this one step closer to a better life!

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  • No Income Check 
  • No Credit Check 
  • Low-Interest Rates 
  • Absolutely No HIDDEN Charges
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We are the best in Canada and it shows in our REVIEWS. 

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Get the Most from the Equity of Your Property
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National Debt Relief is the most reliable debt consolidation company in Alberta and Ontario. We have helped homeowners live a debt-free life the EASY AND FAST way!

Our Home Equity Products offer easy-to-access funds that you can use to prevent you from selling YOUR home, IMPROVE your cash flow, eliminate high-interest rates, and get extra cash for important events or renovations.

Get money from your home regardless of your income, age, and even credit history! Our home equity loans allow you to get money fast and easy.

Mortgage solutions

Consolidate debt with home equity

Line of credit and mortgage combo

Benefits of Using Our Program

We Help Homeowners Every Single Day

We care and it shows in our reviews


$8,000+ of Debt qualifies for financial relief! If you also have enough equity, WE CAN HELP YOU. Simple as that. We specialize in unique situations. 

We service all unsecured debt:

  • Credit cards
  • CRA Debt and Back Taxes
  • Line of credits
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Business Debts

No, we do not offer debt consolidation loans. We can consolidate your debts into one low monthly payment. If you have bad credit, you will not qualify for a debt consolidation loan in the first place, and solving debt with more debt goes against our approach here at National Debt Relief Services.

We will send a letter to your creditors for you after we stop bad debt and ensure no more collection calls happen. 

The program length varies between 24-60 months, however an important factor to keep in mind is that the programs we offer are completely open, meaning that it can be paid off at any time, without any penalties. Most of our clients are able to complete their debt relief program considerably ahead of schedule, as there is no interest, and all payments go towards the principal balance, which has already been reduced to a manageable amount.

All of our programs come with full legal protection from creditors, meaning that not only will you not get sued, but that you will also be protected from all other forms of creditor action – collection calls and letters will stop, garnishments will be cancelled, and even if a creditor has put a lien on your property (with exception of CRA liens) it will be lifted upon completion of the program.


No, after entering into one of our program your payment towards it will be distributed amongst your creditors based on the reduction achieved. You will only have to make one single monthly payment towards all of your debts.


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