Debt Relief Ontario: Managing Out-of-Control Debts

debt relief Ontario

According to Equifax the “Total consumer debt has climbed to $2.32 Trillion, an increase of 8.2 percent in Q2 2022 compared to last year according to Equifax Canada’s most recent Market Pulse consumer credit trends and insights report.” This update is very vital in understanding the current financial situation of every Canadian.

If you are in a situation where debt is getting out of control, here is a guide for you. Debt relief in Ontario is still manageable with the right knowledge and strategy.

Finding the Right Debt Consolidation Companies in Canada

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The government of Canada has outlined debt relief tips, one of which is finding a trusted debt consolidation company. In addition, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has issued a warning to the public about companies that claim to be able to help people pay off debt or rehabilitate their credit but are actually deceiving them.

Top 4 Questions On The Effect Of Debt Consolidation To Your Credit Score

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We understand that you will be asking a number of questions before you decide to apply for a government-approved debt consolidation program. First on the list would most probably be “whether you can apply for credit or not” during the period of the program. Others also might want to know “will I still be able to use my credit card” under a debt consolidation program or “will my credit be affected?”.

How To Deal With Swelling Debt After A Holiday Overspending

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January is known to be a month full of holiday-spending-regret, most people know how it feels. After weeks of careful planning and budgeting, there were just a lot of flash sales and “BOGOs” (Buy One Take One) deals you couldn’t resist. You are not alone – many fell for it and ended up even more in debt because of overspending during the holidays.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Debt Consolidation Plan

Debt Relief Program in Canada

Debt Consolidation is a government-approved program of consolidating your debts into a single monthly payment. National Debt Relief Services is Canada’s trusted debt relief agency that can help create a personalized debt relief program for you based on your current financial situation.

4 Smart & Quickest Way To Pay Off Debt

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Whether you only carry a small credit card debt or huge financial obligations (Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Taxes, CERB, HST, 407, Household Bills, Payday Loans, and Student Loan), it can affect your goals and well-being.