Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Statistics 2021 [Ontario]

Many residents of Ontario find themselves carrying amounts of personal debt. To help them out in lessening their financial burden, they seek out a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy instead of looking into a debt relief program. 2021 Consumer Insolvency Filings September last year has seen very low levels of consumer insolvencies, and rates have […]

Class Action Lawsuit Against CERB | All You Need to Know

Just early this February, a class action lawsuit was filed against the Canadian Government in regards to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). This is about the CERB debt repayment situation that left thousands of Canadians scared that they have to pay back thousands of dollars. About 440,000 Canadians were sent “education letters” by CRA […]

How To Deal With Debt Collection Agencies In Canada | Know Your Rights

In Canada, there are laws that govern how a debt collection process should be fairly performed. In this article we’ll summarize the process that you, as a debtor, can expect if you live in Canada and know your rights while dealing with a debt collection agency. Before we go through the debt collection process, you […]

Credit Card Minimum Payments | Facts and Important Information

A lot of us have been making minimum payments-especially when COVID-19 started, hoping that next month will be better and they could pay more. However, this has been the case even before the pandemic happened. Most people have been paying only the minimum payments without a complete understanding of how it will impact their finances […]

What Causes Debt for Seniors | Tips & Debt Relief Options

Relaxing for the rest of your life after years of hard work is every senior’s dream. However, that is not always the case. Nowadays, there is a significant number of seniors experiencing debt issues as they go through retirement. There are various reasons why people end up dealing with a huge debt at their senior […]

How to Deal with Creditors and Collection Agencies in Ontario

Finding yourself stuck between not being able to pay your debts and receiving collection calls from creditors in Ontario can feel like a nightmare. You’ll start to experience sleepless nights and feel anxious all the time. This can be prevented by a few debt relief options that you can choose from, depending on your financial […]

How Debt Consolidation Can Stop Wage Garnishment in Ontario

Yes, you can stop paying your debts and continue to ignore your creditors but this will only lead them to garnish your wages to collect the money you owe. Wage garnishment happens when a court judgement is filed; legally ordering your employer to withhold a portion of your income to be sent to the organization […]

Top 5 Things You Can Do Once You Become Debt-Free

Being in debt can be the hardest life challenge a person can experience, especially if the amount is unmanageable. If you are struggling with this kind of problem, enjoying life to the fullest is going to be difficult. In this article you will learn how you can benefit from becoming debt-free. If you need help […]

[Updated 2021] How a Debt Consolidation Program Impacts Your Mortgage or Home

Debt consolidation is a great option when dealing with huge debt to protect yourself from creditors’ legal actions and collection activities. However, is there an impact on your mortgage or home? We will find out, read on this article to learn more. Debt Consolidation Program Is a legally binding process between debtor and creditors that […]

Can You Run Away from Old Debts? | Ontario Limitations Act

If you are thinking about ignoring your debt and simply doing nothing, think twice; there are consequences for not paying up your debt. Read this article to know more information about how the Ontario Limitations Act works and what you can do to get rid of unmanageable debt. Once you borrowed money and decided to […]