Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Statistics 2021 [Ontario]

Many residents of Ontario find themselves carrying amounts of personal debt. To help them out in lessening their financial burden, they seek out a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy instead of looking into a debt relief program. 2021 Consumer Insolvency Filings September last year has seen very low levels of consumer insolvencies, and rates have […]

CERB Update 2021 | Important Updates About CERB Repayment

Canada Emergency Response Benefit has been the lifeline of many Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has become a source of stress recently. Some changes and announcements brought up questions about CERB and its eligibility criteria after an update from CRA has been rolled out via letters. Recipients of the CRA letters about CERB […]

[Updated 2021] Pros & Cons of Canadian Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is now becoming more popular in Canada due to its amazing benefits. It is a method of debt settlement option that is government-approved and has been receiving great feedback from clients who have already taken advantage of this debt relief option. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of debt […]

Getting a Car Loan During or After a Debt Consolidation Program?

Stepping into the driver seat of your finances requires knowledge of the roads you are taking. Stop overthinking and focus on the steering wheel, we will guide you and provide you the road map to getting your debt relief program approved without sacrificing your chances of financing your own vehicle. Can I Get A Car […]

Credit Card Tips & Advice | How to Dispute a Billing Error and Fraud Charges

Checking your credit card billing statement every month is now more important than ever. By doing this regularly, you can protect yourself from possible credit card billing errors and fraud which may impact your financial health and most importantly your credit history. For instance, you cancelled your internet subscription but yet was charged for the […]

2021 Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) | How to Apply Step-By-Step

The Canadian Government introduced Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) in October 2020 to replace the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. This is a Canadian benefit program for people who do not qualify for Employment Insurance (EI). If you are looking for instruction on how to apply for CRB, you are in the right place. As many Canadians […]

Class Action Lawsuit Against CERB | All You Need to Know

Just early this February, a class action lawsuit was filed against the Canadian Government in regards to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). This is about the CERB debt repayment situation that left thousands of Canadians scared that they have to pay back thousands of dollars. About 440,000 Canadians were sent “education letters” by CRA […]

How To Deal With Debt Collection Agencies In Canada | Know Your Rights

In Canada, there are laws that govern how a debt collection process should be fairly performed. In this article we’ll summarize the process that you, as a debtor, can expect if you live in Canada and know your rights while dealing with a debt collection agency. Before we go through the debt collection process, you […]

Ontario Small Business Grant | Other Debt Relief Options

Due to the devastating economic impact of COVID-19 on businesses in Ontario (most especially small businesses), the Canadian Government has introduced the Ontario Small Business Grant which is now open for application. As of January 2021, the program has started to roll out in accepting applicants who need support in financially running their business. If […]

Credit Card Minimum Payments | Facts and Important Information

A lot of us have been making minimum payments-especially when COVID-19 started, hoping that next month will be better and they could pay more. However, this has been the case even before the pandemic happened. Most people have been paying only the minimum payments without a complete understanding of how it will impact their finances […]